Individual Health Plans

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Whether you’re retiring early, or between jobs, ABS can help you navigate the complicated world of individual health policies.  We offer advice and help with coverage and enrollment for individual health plans on and off the Federal Marketplace (

  • ABS staff is licensed and registered on the Federal Exchange (Marketplace) to help with all your individual health questions
  • We research options for you at renewal time, so there is no guessing about complicated coverage
  • All individual health plan services are provided at no cost to you

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Coastal Supply is a small business but ABS has always treated us like a Fortune 100 account. When I call, I get a person, not a “push 1 for, push 2 for… They actually have gone to bat for us with the insurers to keep our rates moderate year to year. ABS combines expertise in the modern health care market with old school service. It’s a winning combination for Coastal.

John Willcox President February 24, 2017


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